Facebook Custom Audience Sync

The Shopify App just got even better

Almost four month after launching Facebook Custom Audience Sync I am proud to roll out the first major update. It both streamlines the user experience and implements a new feature based on user feedback.

If you want to see a walkthrough of the new user-interface, you are welcome to watch the walkthrough:

Secondly, the we are now able to process the entire customer-base of a shop. This means, that unlike with using a Facebook pixel, you are able to take advantage of the full potential of your shop. To enable this, the matching process of customer data with Facebook was moved offline and runs over a 24h period. In this time the customer data is fingerprinted and processed by Facebooks Ad-API.

As a shop owner, Facebook Custom Audience Sync now gets you the most out of Custom Audiences.

Last but now least, Facebook Custom Audience Sync has a five-star rating of the Shopify App-Store, which I hope to keep up!

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