It’s been a time since the personal blog has seen any updates and lot has happened since.

March of 2022 the idea of Fusionmetrics – revenue analytics and attribution for Shopify apps was born.

I figured that the Shopify app store is lacking a way for app installs to make a connection from the Google Analytics data to the merchant’s store that was installed.

Having run my own Shopify app (now called Syncmatic) I had some data to play with and figured out that this could be done based on the timing information from Google Analytics and Shopify. This was the birth of the “fusion” algorithm after which Fusionmetrics is named.

At the same time I had heard of the “build your audience” thing and started to engage on Twitter. Starting from about 15 followers, I started posting regularly and celebrated every new follower. This is how I found the first owner of a larger Shopify app that provided more data, so I could validate my algorithm. It worked and I was determined to build Fusionmetrics together with my Twitter following.

Twitter became a viable traffic channel and I acquired the first payed customer in April 2022. After that I saw quite regular early growth which hat an early peak at the same time when my son was born. I vividly remember how I was at the hospital asking people to delay demo calls after receiving a shoutout on Twitter from a relatively big account.

After my son was born I had the chance to take 3 month of leave which I split about 50:50 between building and baby-duty.

Fast forward September 2023 – I think I have done a lot right with Fusionmetrics, but building something like it on the side surely has it’s challenges.

It really feels like the hardest thing I have done in my life and I chose to do it because I think it aligns with my skills, but it’s hard. I’m super lucky to have a wive that greatly supports me and thinks that I’m the smartest person in the world that can figure out anything 🙂

Now that competition has entered the game and Shopify makes attribution easier things are getting interesting.

But I think we have made some good decisions and have some things up our sleeves as well.

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