Playing Cyberpunk 2077 using a Raspberry Pi

I don’t consider myself a gamer, but I do enjoy playing a a triple-A game sometimes on my holidays. Naturally I don’t have a gaming PC, or for that matter any PC at all, around. I do however always have the latest model of the Raspberry Pi. Could I find I way to play Cyberpunk 2077 with my Raspberry Pi 4, ideally hooked up to my projector?

Running Cyberpunk 2077 using a Raspberry Pi 4 connected to a projector

So let’s start with a spoiler alert: I’m not running Cyberpunkt 2077 directly on the Raspberry Pi, but rather I am using Geforce Now to stream the game.

Geforce NOW is a payed subscription service ($5/Month), that allows you to stream games directly from Nvidia’s gaming servers. They do all the heavy lifting, and only stream the game output to my Raspberry Pi.

This way I get to enjoy all the latest hardware features that Nvidia has to offer like Realtime Raytracing and can crank all the settings to maximum.

First I followed LaMaRiva’s guide on how to enable hardware acceleration for Chromium. This is necessary since Geforce Now supports streaming through Chrome. Next I installed Geforce Now Unlocker, which is a Chrome extension that will pretend to Geforce Now that it is running on a supported platform.

After this I am able to got to and launch the game, which starts without complaint.


While everything looks nice, I am sorry to say that the result is unplayable. The reason is an input lag for several seconds.

Next Steps

It might be worth trying to install ChromeOS on the RaspberryPi, since unlike Linux, ChromeOS is officially supported Nvidia. I believe that the Raspberry Pi has the power to run Geforce Now, because Android Smartphone can as well.

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